Wax Stamp Sign

November 15, 2022 Skywater
Custom 3D signage

Derive Design contracted us to create a unique sign that resembles a wax stamp for one of their clients. We did a combination of CNC work and hand sculpting.

3D signs in Seattle

We then sealed and hard coated the foam so we could sand it smooth. This photo shows our first rough coat. Then the rest was a lot of sanding, then we sanded some more. The material we used to seal the foam was called Epsilon from smooth-on. 

Here we painted the hard coated piece and gave it a gloss finish to help with the final sanding after the mold was made and the fiberglass part was pulled from it.

We used a tin based silicone for molding the piece

After the mold was made a fiberglass part was pulled and the part was polyprimed and sanded once again. This photo we have the part ready to ship to the client Derive Design.  Derive wanted to have a speciality automotive company paint the sign. We were happy to oblige because doing a high gloss finish on something that has a lot of edges can be pretty hard to obtain.

Kimberly at Derive Design with the finished piece.  It came out great!