For Sale Vacuum Form Machine

Vacuum Form Machine

We are your one stop shop for anyone who is looking to build their own vacuum form machine.  You can also buy a machine that is completely built and ready to go and start making parts right out of the box.  We have also made it easy for you to buy individual parts or complete kits to build one yourself.

We highly recommend you purchase these set of plans to help you build your machine.  This set of plans have been around for decades and has been proven to be one of the best and economical ways to build your own machine. Our machines are built based on these plans.  You can purchase them here at this link.... Workshop PublishingThese set of plans go into great detail on how to build a machine and also gives you a complete parts list.  Thats where we come in. When I built our first machine I had to search all over the place to find all the components to make our first machine. Our site can help you with all these details and help keep you from wasting time tracking all the elements down.  Not only that, our parts are pre cut, pre drilled, pre wired and ready to assemble.

We are currently working on in-depth videos that will show you how to assemble and build your machine and options to make your machine for the exact needs you require.  These videos will be available for clients who purchase our products.... coming soon!

We have three size machines to choose from:

2x2 , 2x3, and 2x4

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