Scenery and Set Design

November 13, 2022 Skywater
Custom scenery fabricator in the Seattle area

Set design and fabrication of custom scenery. We can bring your visions to life. We will work with you in developing the concept sketches and  flush out all the details. We then can provide you with elevations of each wall that needs to be created.  One advantage we have over a lot of other set design companies is we know how to design around a budget. There is nothing more disappointing to a client to have this really awesome design but when you go get it priced out to fabricate it’s way out of your budget. 

This little stage was part of a large scene and had to have several moving elements involved. I can not elaborate on what they are due to the secrets in this attraction.

These walls were fabricated at our shop, in fact the entire room was prebuilt at our facility and test run before being delivered to site.  The client came to our shop and we went over the entire project to make sure everything looked the way the client wanted it. That way there were no surprises once we showed up to install

Escape room scenery

This photo shows the walls installed on site right before we added the wallpaper.

Here is another one of our designs that was approved by our client. We take a lot of pride in knowing that the concept sketches will look very very close to the actual finished products.

Seattle scenery fabrication

In this photo we have a fake window and are starting to lay out the woodwork, you can just see at the top of the photo the faux wood beams already installed.

Set Builder in Seattle area

This was a brand new 1×6 pine board from the local hardware store, we sandblasted it and used a wire wisk to turn this into an old aged piece of timber

Set Builder in Seattle area

The walls were textured to look like old stucco that was peeling off and faux painted

Seattle set builder
Creepy sets

Just adding a few little final touches

Custom printed carpet

Here we designed a old wood flooring in adobe illustrator and had it printed on carpet. It turned out great and also help reduce the noise level as guests walk thru the attraction.

Here is the flooring installed.

Seattle scenery

Here is one of our renderings done in sketch up to show what the finished project could look like.  The client approved and after some small modifications we started fabrication, the photo below is the final result.

Once again this project was designed around a budget from the start.

Another rendering of what the room would look like, below is how it actually turned out

Custom Scenery builders

We start out with a blank slate, in this case the client already knew exactly what they wanted for each room, we put it on paper and worked out all the details and budget before we began.

Construction begins

Another rendering of before and below is after

In this example the client already had a concept sketch, we bid the project as shown.

Here is the finish product all installed in a few hours