SkyWater Studios

Custom Fabrication to the EXTREME!

Prop builder
Stiletto's made up of toilet paper rolls

Large Props

We just finished up a project where our client in Seattle Washington asked for a custom prop... a 9 foot tall Stiletto!....As a prop builder that was easy, but then they said they wanted it made up of rolls of real toilet paper.... WOW!  3 weeks later we had fabricated not one but 3 nine foot tall stilettos.  Anything is possible at Skywater Studios! If your looking for custom fabrication you have come to the right place! We can sculpt your custom props out of polystyrene to save you money and hard coat them so they can be painted.  If your looking for a lot of detail in your large props than we recommend using a urethane foam, it cost a bit more but we can immediately coat it with fiberglass to give it a hard finish that can withstand any outdoor elements including being underwater. We are located in the Pacific Northwest and because of that, our overhead is much lower than those prop houses in California. We ship all over the world. Custom fabrication done right at an affordable price!

Prop maker
Giant Bat

Creatures and Monsters

We don't just do custom props we also design and fabricate creatures and monsters! Need a new mascot for your team or company? How about adding something new to a Halloween maze? Skywater Studios can bring your ideas to life. We have created giant monsters in a fraction of the time and cost that other companies can do.  What's our secret being a successful prop builder? Years of experience and the understanding of using the right products for the job. We sit down with you and discuss things like: how long will this custom prop or element be up?  Will it come in contact with people? Will it be outside? Does it have to be moved everyday?  Will it get wet? The answers to these questions helps us give you the best price possible. What are you waiting for?  Give us a call today to discuss your next project

Custom Props
These 11 foot tall columns are made of foam!

Themed Attractions

Custom Props and Sets

The people at Skywater Studios have worked hand in hand with Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags parks, Museums, and other themed companies to create fantastic displays, props, sets and stages, interactive attractions, animated figures and other displays for over 30 years. I remember creating our first Web site 20 years ago and not having very many photos of our work.  Today we have thousands of photos of our work over the years.  Each job always has its own set of challenges, these challenges have helped us create some amazing products.

Custom design and fabrication
Created for the Batman Stunt Show

Vehicle Alterations

One of the highlights of our career was when we got a call to re-furbish the batmobile.  It was a blast watching it pull up to our shop on a trailer.  We added custom lighting, and many other physical effects to it.  The photo above is some ATV's we transformed into villain mobiles for the Joker and Catwoman for the Batman Stunt show at Magic Mountain.  We also built Marvin the Martian's spaceship that was used in a parade.  Always our number one concern is safety, whenever we fabricate anything we double and triple check it to make sure it will not hurt anyone.  One of the things we hear a lot of from our customers is our ability to make sure they are never left in the dark during each stage in production. There are never any surprises for our clients! If you are not located locally, where you can just stop by our shop, with todays technology, we can Facetime, Skype , Zoom, or Go to Meeting with you and show you "LIVE" coverage of how your project is progressing. If your looking for the best price for customizing  a vehicle or any other custom fabrication give us a call today!

custom fabrication
Animated Tweety Bird


Large scale custom props are great, but we can take it to the next level and animate your props to move! Nothing attracts more attention than movement. Our custom props can be fiberglass, wood, plastic and yes... even furry! If your looking for your project to be mobile we can make sure the components are 12 volt and have a self contained reservoirs to power the pneumatic cylinders, if that what your custom project needs.   We have designed and built underwater creatures, animated figures on parade floats, monsters for Halloween mazes and the list goes on. We are not just a prop builder! Our background allows us to think outside of the box and add elements that others have never thought of. Add us to your speed dial for your personalized custom prop maker!