Giant Guitar

July 28, 2023 Skywater

One of our clients reached out to us and asked us if we could fabricate a giant guitar for them. The answer was simple, of course we can!  Here is how this project was completed.

Concept design Seattle
Custom Design services

First we needed to get a better understanding of what our client was thinking to ensure they got exactly what they were looking for.  We came up with several different concept sketches for them to look at. They decided to go with a standard looking guitar. We then did detailed drawings with dimensions and shapes for their approval.  Below is the final concept art.

Installation drawings

Once everything was approved we started by creating a CNC file to get the profile of the guitar cut out of wood for a template to cut the foam to. This ensures the shape and size remained true to scale. Next we created the base and used 3/4″ MDF to make sure the top was going to be strong enough to withstand people jumping on it after it was finished and wrapped in fiberglass.

Next we created a metal armature to go inside the sculpture. A metal armature was needed for strength and for us to be able to tighten the stainless steel cables that were going to be used as strings.

We then primed and bondo’d, then sanded, sanded and sanded some more.

We then painted and finished with a special UV clear coat. Then added the stainless steel strings.

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