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Project Management / Owners Representative

Looking for a Freelance Project Manager to have at your finger tips. Looking for someone to oversee all aspects of your project?  Let Skywater Studios help you bring all the players together. We will manage your schedule, keep close tabs on all your subcontractors, supervise construction and fabrication of all the elements in your project.

We realize that sometimes you only need help for a short period of time.  That's where Skywater Studios can help by providing you with a freelance project manager.  We specialize in putting together unique and complicated puzzles. We have worked on many multimillion dollar projects where there have been thousands of pieces involved in a project.  We know sometimes its not easy managing all the players in a project, but with our background in almost every trade, we can help you keep it together. When you need us, we can be your project management experts ready to jump on your next project.

Freelance Project Management,  this method of project management is an ideal way for your company to save money in your overhead costs.  Why bring someone on board your company full time when you can use Skywater Studios to help you with your next short term project.  We take care of all the insurance, payroll and administration costs. We are based out of the Seattle WA area, but can travel around the globe.

Freelance project manager
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