Projects Over The Years.....

We specialize in Custom Design and Fabrication in Seattle WA, but do work all over the world! You won't find a prop builder with more experience in so many different areas than us here at Skywater Studios!

We created some special effects used on this bat mobile for the batman stunt show at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Vehicle Alterations

How can you make improvements to the famous Batmobile?  Skywater Studios did!  We added special effects lighting and  additional custom body parts to make it stand out at nighttime. We specialize in custom fabrication of unique and unusual things.

Animated Billboard for Disneyland

Animated Billboards and Signs

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Nothing attracts attention better than movement!  Let us help you add some life to your existing signage or let us create something spectacular from scratch... we specialize in custom fabrication.

Custom Design and fabrication

Theme Park Seasonal Displays

Keep your guests wanting to come back again and again! Upgrade your Christmas, Halloween or other themed elements year after year! Let us help!

Custom Design and fabrication

Interactive Attractions

Liven up your attractions by adding interactive elements. Give your guests something to do while they wait in line. We provide the design and custom fabrication for all your needs.

Custom desgin and fabrication
Art Exhibit

Creative Displays

Custom fabrication of Museum quality displays

Prop maker
Giant Bat

Animated Creatures

This 6 foot bat has a 12 foot wing span, as guests approach, it comes to life and screams like a banshee. Skywater Studios can bring your custom projects to life using animatronics.

Custom Design and fabrication

Water Effects

Whether its an alligator that lunges out of the water at you, or a water cannon that shoots water 50 feet in the air. We can get the job done!

Large Scale Props and Sets

If you can think it,  we can sculpt it, hard coat it, paint it and install it. Nothing too big or too small.

Custom Design and fabrication


Need to develop a new product? Let us help you with your research and development. We specialize in custom fabrication using wood, plastics, fiberglass and metal.

Custom Design and fabrication

Dark Ride Theming

Looking for that certain something to fill that empty space in your ride, attractions or special event.  Give us a call!

Subway style flip sign
Animated Rotating Sign

Animated Rotating Sign

This sign was designed to display over a hundred different messages that rotated like an old subway sign.

custom fabrication

Animated Oar Car

This oar car was designed to blast out of a tunnel 100 feet in the air over guests waiting in line. Let us help you with your next idea. Remember, we specialize in custom fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Stage Show Sets

We can design and fabricate almost anything you can think up.  This stage was for a children's live show at Six Flags

Custom projects

Production Runs

Do you need multipul products duplicated?  We can mold and cast just one your products or 100's

Justice League logo2
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Custom fabrication
haunted Mansion Logo
Club Disney logo
Custom Projects
Disneyland logo
Custom Projects
Six Flags over Texas
Custom design and fabrication
Disney Seas Tokyo logo
Six flags fright fest