Concrete Fireplaces

November 11, 2022 Skywater
Custom fireplace

A contractor reached out to us asking if we could make them a couple of custom fireplaces for a multimillion dollar home they were building, of course we can!

First we designed the entire fireplaces on the computer in 3D and broke the decorative pieces out so we could 3D print them.  We then took the printed pieces and attached them to our main MDF base that we fabricated out of EPS foam and MDF.

Custom fireplaces

Our client gave us the exact dimension they needed for the surround. All the pieces had to be assembled, and smoothed together to create one whole fireplace

Custom fireplace

Once everything was put together the entire fireplace was sprayed with a polyester gel coat and sanded again, now we are ready for the molding process.

Fireplace Mold

Here one of the fireplaces has the fiberglass mold ready to pour silicone into it. Once the silicone is cured the mold can be opened up and the concrete can be poured.

Concrete Fireplace

The details came out beautiful.

Concrete Fireplace

Sometimes we don’t get to see how our finish work looks like after it was installed, since we were not the installers we don’t have any photos of the fireplaces installed on site. ¬†Bummer I know.

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