About Us

If your looking for an experienced design and fabrication company to help you with your custom projects, you have come to the right place!

We have been working in the entertainment / amusement industry for over 30 years designing and producing one of a kind products for companies across the world.    We specialize in custom and unique things that have never been seen before.

Let us help you bring your project to life!  We can assist you in the concept design all the way thru the installation and everything in-between.

Not sure where to start?  Contact us and let us help you get on track.

Custom Fabrication
Custom desgin and fabrication

Custom Projects

We are located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle WA.  But we do work all over the country. We can work with you in developing your ideas and make sure they work seamlessly with other elements in your project. We can even provide you with complete production drawings and help you with your design if needed.  No project is impossible!  By using Skywater Studios you can be assured that every detail of your project will be well thought out to make sure your custom project is durable, long lasting and can be easily maintained.

Custom Design and fabrication
Prop maker

Custom Fabrication Specialist

Do you need Waterjet parts, CNC elements?  How about Custom Molding and Casting plastic parts?  Does any of your elements need to be Fiberglassed?  How about specialized Printing?  Is your project made of Steel or Aluminum?  Does it have to be Animated to move?   Does it need to hold up to the Outdoor elements?  These are just a few things that we can help you with!  There is no reason to have to use several companies for your one project.  Let us handle all the details.